Founded in 1985 by Don Colantrello, Air Concepts was a subsidiary of his cargo airline. As this division grew, it became apparent that Air Concepts needed to be flexible in service and creativity whether we were working with an office of one or an office of many. We began to create, from conversations with our clients, programs uniquely designed for traveling business people, students, agents, schools and other consignees.

Bottom line: If your beautiful and cost-effective brochures and materials do not arrive into a country PRIOR to your arrival or event date – it is useless.

Our team communicates with our clients advising how to pack materials, working with venues or hotels, arranging customs clearance in each country, while all along communicating with you along the way. Air Concepts is a SHIPPING COMPANY FIRST FOR FOREMOST.

But YOU kept talking to us, and we kept listening. Over the last 10 years, we have created relationships with printers domestically and abroad. We opened the doors to our warehouse that manages and cares for your inventory. We package appropriately for customs clearance and complete all the proper paperwork for each country.

We created Fast Ship* and SASS-SmartShip to facility affordable document shipping, while still offering students, agents, schools and other consignees our support in monitoring shipment deliveries.

With our corporate office in the State of Florida, USA, we also three years ago opened offices in New York and Tennessee.

Our clients are actually our family and our friends and students who long ago we were shipping to now are clients. Thank you for years of support and here’s to 35 more years of building worldwide relationships. We love what we do every day!