Air Concepts, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss damage, delay, misdelivery or non-delivery, or other result not caused by its own negligence.

  1. Air Concepts, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss damage, delay, misdelivery or other result caused by:
    1. The act, default or omission of the consignee or consignor.
    2. The nature of the shipment or defect or inherent vice thereof.
    3. Improper or insufficient packing, securing or addressing, or any other violation of the terms contained herein.
    4. Acts of God, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting under authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, civil commotions, or hazards incident to a state of war.

  2. In the event of flight delays, either on the ground or in the air, Air Concepts, Inc. will deliver as soon as possible.

  3. It is mutually agreed that the goods herein described are accepted in apparent good order (except as noted) for transportation as specified herein subject to governing classifications and tariffs in effect as of the date hereof which are filed in accordance with law. Said classifications and tariffs, copies of which are available for inspection by the parties hereto are hereby incorporated into and made a part of the contract.

  4. The consignor and consignee as well as the courier service directly requesting the services of Air Concepts, Inc. shall be liable jointly and severally for all unpaid charges payable on account of such shipment, pursuant to application tariffs, including sums advanced or disbursed by the Forwarder on account of such shipment.

  5. Air Concepts, Inc. expressly reserves the option to deal with any shipment thereon as agent for the shipper.

  6. The customer expressly agrees and consents to searches / inspections / screenings of all cargo in accordance with applicable security controls, initiatives and regulations, including, but not limited to, the regulations of the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration.

    1. All claims, except for overcharges, must be made in writing to the Forwarder within 255 days after date of acceptance of the shipment by the Forwarder.
    2. Claims for overcharges must be made in writing to the Forwarder within two years after date of acceptance of the shipment by the Forwarder.
    3. Claims for concealed loss or damage must be reported to the Forwarder at destination within 15 days after delivery of the shipment, with privilege to the Forwarder to make inspection of the shipment. As merchandise must be retained in the original shipping container for a period of 15 days after Forwarder has received notice of damages or concealed loss, in order that the Forwarder, may make an inspection thereof.
    4. No claim for loss or damage to a shipment will be entertained until all transportation charges thereon have been paid. The amount of claims may not be deducted from transportation charges.
    5. In the event the Customer fails to make payment, within 30 days after said balance is established, said balance shall bear an additional service and handling charge at the rate of 1 ½% per month and Air Concepts, Inc. may, at its option, turn the said balance over to an attorney for collection and there shall then be added to the balance due, as and for attorney's fees, either the actual fee to be paid to the attorney for his services of the minimum fees recommended by the local Bar Association, whatever is less.